Frequently Asked (and Unasked) Questions

      These FAQ’s are a great way to get to know us. Feel free to interview other Albuquerque wedding photographers with them.

      Q: How would you describe your style of wedding photography?
      A:  In a sentence, our style is a blend of photojournalism and creative portraits. One good look at our wedding portfolio and you’ll get the idea.

      Q: How long have you been in business?
      A: Sweet William Photography (now Sweet William Photo & Films) was established in 2007.

      Q: Does your business have a physical location?
      A: Yes. Our Nob Hill studio has been open for over 8 years.  

      Q: Do we need to give you a “shot list” or a list of poses we want?
      A: Nope. Just relax, have fun, and trust us.  We’ve got everything from the big moments to the little details covered, including all of the family and wedding party combinations you can imagine.

      Q: Do you have liability insurance?
      A: Yes. In fact, most venues require wedding vendors to carry it.

      Q: Will our wedding photos be backed up in the event of data loss?
      A: Yes. After your wedding, your photos are promptly uploaded to my studio’s main workstation. Then, every image is immediately backed up onto an external hard drive that goes home with me every day in a military-grade Pelican hard case. Then, once your wedding is edited, the finished images are backed up to cloud storage. I’m pretty OCD about data protection!

      Q: When will we get to see our photos?
      A: Your entire gallery will be ready to view within 4-6 weeks of your wedding date.

      Q: Have you photographed a wedding at our venue before?
      A: If your venue is in or around Albuquerque or Santa Fe, chances are we have. Feel free to ask for samples of images that were taken at your venue.

      Q: Approximately how many weddings have you photographed during your career as a wedding photographer?
      A: Over 500.

      Q: Is an engagement photo session included with your wedding packages?
      A: Yes. A complimentary engagement session is included with every wedding package. In our experience, an engagement session makes couples much more comfortable having their photos taken on their big day.

      Q: Will I be able to print my own wedding photos?
      A: Yes. we grant the bride and groom a perpetual license to print their wedding photographs using the digital files included with their package. And we’re happy to offer suggestions on where (and where not) to have your photos printed.

      Q: Is your equipment capable of handling low-light situations without using a flash (very important for indoor church ceremonies)?
      A: Yes. We use professional-grade DSLR cameras, lenses, and lighting that is capable of handling any situation.

      Q: Do you carry backup equipment?
      A: Always. We always carry 2-3 camera bodies, multiple flashes, and a variety of lenses. 

      Q: How do I reserve my wedding with you?
      A: It’s easy!  A small deposit and a signed agreement will put you on the calendar. You can book in person at our studio or online.

      Q: When should we reserve our wedding date? 
      A: Because of our very limited availability, we suggest booking as soon as you know it is the right decision.

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