John Anthony | Associate Wedding Photographer

      5D4 3371 3A - John Anthony | Associate Wedding Photographer“My personal photographic approach for wedding photography is to use “mindfulness” in capturing images that convey the collective moments in the story of the wedding day. Mindfulness is simply leaving the mind open to whatever appears in front of me and working with that, coupled with my technical knowledge, in discovering the natural beauty of each moment.

      Two types of images that emerge during a wedding day for me are; “photojournalistic” and “created” images.

      “Photojournalistic” images are images where my subject(s) are primarily not camera aware. They might be aware of my near-by presence, but for the moment are not focused on me.  I like to work the majority of the day not directing people. I like allowing things to naturally unfold without attention on me so that I can better capture the essence of the moment, hopefully in an organic, artistic way. Often I tell my couples, “Just focus on each other, ignore me, and we’ll get some killer pictures.”

      “Created” images are where my subject(s) are  aware of the camera and my presence, and we are actually working together to create images. The best example of this is formals, family portraits and special romantic pictures of the wedding couple. I enjoy this part of the day as well and often employ special lighting equipment for dramatic effects. Some brides will put more of an emphasis on this type of imagery and others will minimize it. It’s a personal choice. But even with “created” images my number one goal is to get my subject(s) relaxed and try to avoid cliche poses.”


      -John Anthony

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