Wedding Films

      Working with cameras and lenses that are able to capture both still photographs and cinema-quality HD footage, we will offer a unique “hybrid” approach to wedding photography and film making.

      Ask any photographer and they will tell you – the experience of working with a separate video company is not always a pleasant one. Videographers can challenge their photography counterparts with harsh, poor-quality lighting, bulky tripods that set up camp in the middle of the isle, competition for that “perfect angle” during key moments, and other tricky obstacles. On the other side of the coin, there is no shortage of video companies who will moan and groan about that clueless, annoying photographer who kept getting in their shots.

      When we bring our hybrid photo-video approach to your wedding, not only will you get a beautiful account of your wedding day in both still and moving imagery, you will invite a harmonious team into your wedding and leave any possibility of photographer v.s. videographer tension at the door.

      With a small crew of photographers/film makers, we will seamlessly switch between photography and video to create a full and vivid story of your wedding day – communicating, planning, and working together as a team to beautifully document your wedding day.

      Debbie & Dylan’s Hotel Albuquerque Wedding

      Elyza & Cody’s Santa Fe Destination Wedding

      Kathleen & Cameron’s Event Center at Sandia Golf Club Wedding

      Ashley & Andrew’s Wedding Mass and Sandia Golf Club Reception

      Marcella & Jason’s Casa Rondeña Winery Wedding

      Hannah & Max’s Prairie Star Wedding

      Akshay & Payal’s Engagement Ceremony



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