Our Moment-Focused Approach to Wedding Photography

After photographing hundreds of weddings all over New Mexico, we no longer feel the stress you may expect a wedding photographer to feel. Wedding photography is absolutely second nature to us. This allows us to be completely in the flow, totally mindful of the moment, and ready for any possible scenario.

Our style of wedding photography is a blend of creative photojournalism and portraiture. For the majority of your day, we will shoot in a journalistic style, quietly capturing the authentic moments of your wedding as they organically unfold. From your mom squeezing in one last hug before you walk down the isle to the big dip at the end of your first dance, our sixth sense for moments allows us to be in the right place at the right time.

During a much smaller portion of your day, we will be focused on crafting posed portraits. These include romantic photos of the bride and groom, traditional family groups, and wedding party pics. While we may be a flies on the wall for most of your wedding, we're not shy about gathering and posing small and large groups of people ("herding cats" as your uncle Bob might say). Our goal is for you to enjoy your wedding without being stressed out by hours of posed photos, so we typically limit the total time spent on posed photos to two hours.

Oh and one more detail -- the details! You put time and thought into every piece of your wedding, from your wedding dress to the monogrammed M&M's. We will make sure all of those important details are beautifully documented.