Our Shooting Style

      When we photograph a wedding, we take a mostly candid approach that focuses on creatively catching the real moments of joy, love, and excitement of your wedding day. We want you to have a blast on your wedding day, not spend all day posing!  Of course, we always make time for the important portraits and details (like your rings, flowers, and decor). The end result is a set of photos that will let you relive the emotions of your amazing wedding day forever. 

      Our Editing Style

      Most digital photographers shoot in a camera file format called “RAW”. RAW files contain a lot of information, making them a very flexible and forgiving medium to work with during the editing process. But they need to be edited because they look kinda gloomy and flat straight out of camera. 

      Just like there are trends in shooting, there are trends in editing.  By and large, these trends will result in photos that look out of fashion in a few years.  So we avoid trendy filters and presets in favor of a classic style of editing that focuses on brightness, contrast, and maintaining natural skin tones and color — a style of editing that has been in fashion since the dawn of the darkroom.

      RAW 640 4 UNEDITED - Our Style and Approach
      An unedited RAW file
      RAW 640 3A text - Our Style and Approach
      Our classic style of editing

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